FLS01 Fingerprint Lock Developer Solution PCB

BioLock FLS01 is a very small and powerful smart fingerprint lock PCB solution, widely used for small padlock, biometric gate lock, bag lock, TSA lock, gun lock and drawer lock, desk lock, etc.


FLS01 Fingerprint Lock Solution PCB Key Features

Fingerprint Unlock– FLS01 is a smart keyless biometric fingerprint lock PCB, you don’t need to carry a key and it’s completly combination free.


Low Power Alert – When the internal battery on low power status, LED blinks 15 seconds every minute as an alert.


More Applications– For indoor and outdoor use, gym lockers, suitable for luggages, suitcases, drawers, Bed side Desk fingerprint lock, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and gun safes.



B1 Smart Keyless Fingerprint Padlock Key Specifications

  • Resolution:                     508DPI
  • Unlock Time:                  <0.5S
  • Support Fingerprints:     Up to 40
  • Rechargeable Battery:    DC3.7V/300mAh
  • Dimensions:                    2.8 * 1.7  cm
  •                                         (1.1 * 0.7  inch)
  • Weight of Padlock:         1.8 gram
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